Coronavirus Update: What We Are Doing to Serve Our Clients

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) pandemic continues to present significant challenges and disruptions across the United State and world. The Peña Arbitration & Mediation Group urges everyone to follow the directives of governmental authorities and take precautions to minimize risk of exposure. Resources and updates about the coronavirus can be found at the CDC website.

We are closely tracking the rapidly evolving public health and community concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak. Rest assured that we are taking all available steps to provide arbitration and mediation services in a manner that protects the safety of our clients and is compliant with governmental directives.

Please see below the answers to questions we have been receiving from our clients:

How are you conducting arbitrations?

All face-to-face arbitrations have been rescheduled. For those arbitrations that must be heard immediately, we are working with the parties to conduct video arbitrations.

How are you conducting mediations?

All face-to-face mediations have been temporarily postponed or rescheduled. We are working with all our clients to discuss the possibility of conducting video mediations using Zoom or other platforms our clients would prefer to use.

Are you scheduling face-to-face mediations?

Yes. Face-to-face mediations are being re-scheduled or scheduled as early as June 2020. But, if there is an urgent need to mediate a dispute after April 1, 2020 but prior to May 30, 2020, we are recommending that these mediations be conducted by video or telephone conferencing. But, if the parties prefer to meet face-to-face, we are working with the parties to explore safe locations. For those face-to-face mediations that are scheduled.

We are eliminating conferences and caucus meetings that require the presence of three or more persons in the same room.

When and how can we contact you?

To contact us, complete the Calendar and Scheduling form on this website, or dial 817-575-9854.

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